Christmas Wishlist 2015!

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Since Christmas is only 12 days away (ahh!!) I decided I would share with you guys what I am asking for so you can get some ideas!!


  1. Canon Rebel T5i– I have always had a passion for photography and I’ve recently began to realize that I need something more professional to take my photos on. I’ve only heard great things about this camera! buy it here32250_4_l
  2. Polaroid Instax Mini 8– Yes, I have 2 cameras on my list I know haha. But I am so happy these vintage cameras are making a comeback because I think there’s such a cool vibe from having the photos printed out as opposed to just keeping them on your phone! I also have a blank wall in my room that I would love to fill with all my pictures. buy it heremini8white
  3. Beauty Blender– I have bought much cheaper knock offs of this product from Forever 21 and the drugstore, but none of them seem to work as well as the real thing. This product would be great for blending concealer and foundation. buy it here81ZC9DkzGGL._SY355_.jpg
  4. Vinyls– Last summer I purchased a record player from Urban Outfitters and I am obsessed with it! I am asking for some new records because I love to play them when I’m just chilling in my room. Specifically I want Badlands by Halsey and 25 by Adele.  buy some here20jmuer.png
  5. Hoverboard- I’m sure you’ve seen these around recently and they are very pricey so I’m not sure I’ll get one but I thought I would throw it on here anyways! buy one herepink-front_2.png

6. Megastar Hair Straightener by Nume- Recently my hair straightener stopped working (probably because I have had it for 2+ years). I love the way my hair looks when it’s straight and I think I would get a lot of use out of this particular straightener. I’ve seen many Youtubers who use it and the reviews are all great. buy it here


7. Bare Minerals Powder Foundation- I was in Sephora a few weeks ago and I tried this foundation on and it looked amazing! I have very oily skin and it was matte and gave my skin a finished look without being entirely cakey. buy it here


That’s it! Just a little disclaimer: I know my wishlist is pretty pricey and I am for sure not expecting everything on this list! I would be happy with getting 1 or 2 of these items if any! I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for another blog post next week! xoxo, grace


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